Apr 2021

RNN Is The Past, Transformers Are The Future

When it comes to sequence to sequence processing (seq2seq), recurrent neural networks (RNN) have for several years been the go-to neural network architecture for natural language processing. 

However, artificial intelligence is a quickly changing landscape, and with Google's landmark paper “Read More


Jan 2021

Ai Healthcare Case Study - Using Machine Learning To Predict Autism

Recently, Kaizen partnered with the Department of Digital Technology at New Zealand's Manukau Institute of Technology to arrive at a better solution to predict Autistic Spectrum Disorder (AD) with the help of state of the art machine learning models using Tensorflow.

The results were nothing short of outstanding.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopment co...

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Dec 2018

Internet of Things: What Is It?

In 1991, a couple of researchers at the University of Cambridge Computer Lab set out to solve the problem of making fruitless quests through the building to a shared coffee pot in the Lab's Trojan Room. Using a video camera, a frame grabbing card, and a Motorola 68000 se...

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