Apr 2021

RNN Is The Past, Transformers Are The Future

When it comes to sequence to sequence processing (seq2seq), recurrent neural networks (RNN) have for several years been the go-to neural network architecture for natural language processing. 

However, artificial intelligence is a quickly changing landscape, and with Google's landmark paper “Read More


Jan 2021

Ai Healthcare Case Study - Using Machine Learning To Predict Autism

Recently, Kaizen partnered with the Department of Digital Technology at New Zealand's Manukau Institute of Technology to arrive at a better solution to predict Autistic Spectrum Disorder (AD) with the help of state of the art machine learning models using Tensorflow.

The results were nothing short of outstanding.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopment co...

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Oct 2020

Migrating From mLab to MongoDB Atlas

We recently helped a client migrate their MongoDB deployment from mLab to MongoDB Atlas and we figured what better opportunity for us to provide some insight to the cloud computing community than to share our experience and process. 

mLab is a MongoDB as a service commonly used by many organization to manage their MongoDB clusters. This service was the go-to for Mongo-As-A-Service (Maa...

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Oct 2020

Kaizen Lands Federal Contractor Role for United States Government

Press Release (October 21st, 2020) - FORT LAUDERDALE, FL

Kaizen Technology Partners, an official technology partner of Google Cloud, has been approved by the United States Federal government as an approved federal contractor. In addition to the company's approved federal status, the company has also won their initial federal contract applications system programming with a focus on blockchai...

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Apr 2019

IT Consulting Goes Cloud Native

IT Consulting has gone all-in with cloud, in the sense that IT consulting companies are ...

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Apr 2019

CI/CD Pipelines For DevOps

We wanted to do a post today on two of the most advantageous aspects of cloud native architecture: continuous integration and continuous deployment, or CI/CD for short. 

While these concepts technically are not new with tooling such as Jenkins long preceding the explosion of cloud services, they've taken on new meaning and implementation standards as part of cloud ...

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Apr 2019

5 Signs That Its Time To Adopt Cloud

We all hear about cloud constantly in IT. Cloud this, cloud that, we're using the cloud. Even the layman person has had some exposure to cloud with services like Dropbox and iCloud right on their phones. 

But the interesting thing is that the cloud really isn't anything new, its just a new paradigm of how IT services are being rendered. When it comes to enterprise technology, even cons...

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Mar 2019

Top 11 Customer Service Tips

Ask any consumer what their number one reason for shying away from buying through a mobile app is, and they will tell you something along the lines of, “If the purchase doesn’t go right, I’m not going to have any help!” Asking a person to part with their hard-e...

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Feb 2019

Cyber Attack Concerns For HIPAA Compliance

Cyber attack concerns continue to mount as of recent news that Verizon was hacked. The concerns for a cyber attack are often thought of as something only large companies need to worry about, however the largest companies usually have taken precautionary measures to prevent such attacks from being successful. The most at-risk targets for novice hackers are actually small businesses, which fo...

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Jan 2019

Changing The Customer Service Experience

The basic goal of keeping customers satisfied has always been at the heart of customer service. In years past, it meant doling out smiles and fielding the occasi...

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