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IT Consulting

From containerized cloud-native applications with Kubernetes to machine learning models, we supercharge our clients technology stacks with our consulting and hands-on services.


Management Consulting

Our team is seasoned in management consulting including agile methodology, cost management, and change management for teams adopting new technologies.


Google Suite Specialists

We bring years of experience across the entire google suite of products including Google Cloud, Google Storage, Google DNS, and Google Account Manager for Workspaces.

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Google Suite | Cloud Services & More

Google Sign Up

Google sign up for becoming a google account manager / administrator is now done through Google Workspaces! Utilize the right productivity tools for your organization with Kaizen.

Cloud Services

Cloud services are vital for growing your digital footprint with guaranteed uptime and scalability is imperative as you grow. We take companies into cloud and beyond.

VPN Service

VPN service is tantamount for the new WFH culture. We ensure security for all your organization's networks, VPNs and internal apps using state-of-the-art mesh network technologies.

Machine Learning

From data pre-processing pipelines, ML pipelines, or custom Tensorflow models, supercharge your business with our certified data engineers.

GCP Training

GCP training can take your teams to the next level. We assist in both onsite or remote on-hands training for Google Cloud and Workspaces.

IT Consulting

With our well-versed IT consulting, we can manage your entire digital footprint so you can focus on what's most important.

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Focus Areas | Our Specializations

Management Consulting

Management consulting in technology comes down to selecting the right technologies for the job, but also ensuring that the key stakeholders and operational procedures are in place to support. Our consultants provide not only technical expertise, but change management strategies that support new deployments throughout the organizational adoption lifecycle.

Cloud Services

Turning capital expenditures for physical infrastructure into operating costs is one of the many advantages of moving from onsite data centers to the cloud. Our team of certified solutions architects have been helping companies migrate to the cloud while maintaining continuous uptime.

Google Suite

Teams and organizations need the right tools to collaborate, share, and store all of their documents and presentations. They also need the right video conferencing and calendar synchronization that facilitates agile team execution and a first-class professional impression. Google Workspaces and the entire Google Suite of products can provide this and more, with Kaizen managing the hierarchy, management, and account administration details for you. We'll also show you the power of App Script and Google Cloud integration supercharge your business intelligence and integration capabilities even further.

VPN Service

The Work From Home (WFH) culture has changed the security landscape for almost every company. We help companies establish globally secure and highly-available networks, with a flat network topology and peer-to-peer security groups for internal app access. From meshes and CloudVPN, to OpenVPN and Wireshark, we're experts in VPN implementations.

Mesh Network

Imagine if you could have a local area network (LAN) that spans the whole world, and can connect everything from phones to virtual machines, laptops and even containers! Our state of the art VPN mesh technology provides the best peer-to-peer security, a flat network topology, and blazingly-fast bandwidth across the network.
The Kaizen Philosophy
To provide continuous technology enablement while delivering the best on-going support, service, and forward-thinking management strategies.

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