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Jul 2017

Cyber Attack Concerns For HIPAA Compliance

Cyber attack concerns continue to mount as of recent news that Verizon was hacked. The concerns for a cyber attack are often thought of as something only large companies need to worry about, however the largest companies usually have taken precautionary measures to prevent such attacks from being successful. The most at-risk targets for novice hackers are actually small businesses, which fo...

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Jan 2017

Changing The Customer Service Experience

The basic goal of keeping customers satisfied has always been at the heart of customer service. In years past, it meant doling out smiles and fielding the occasi...

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Jan 2017

Internet of Things: What Is It?

In 1991, a couple of researchers at the University of Cambridge Computer Lab set out to solve the problem of making fruitless quests through the building to a shared coffee pot in the Lab's Trojan Room. Using a video camera, a frame grabbing card, and a Motorola 68000 se...

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Jan 2017

Top 11 Customer Service Tips

Ask any consumer what their number one reason for shying away from buying through a mobile app is, and they will tell you something along the lines of, “If the purchase doesn’t go right, I’m not going to have any help!” Asking a person to part with their hard-e...

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Feb 2017

Fun For Mobile - Americas Best Apps

In 2016, the app market generated $88.3B in revenue, with games and fun for mobile taking a whopping 85% of those revenues. With such a lopsided revenue percentage of the global app market, its no surprise that entrepreneurs and developers are rushing to release new games for 2017. In fact, mobile games is expected to grow another $7.1B this year, which means eyeballs and Read More